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Complete your stay in the Belgian Ardennes with one of the experiences and activities proposed in our catalog. Isn’t it the perfect occasion to treat yourself

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The Wild World of Aywaille

Unique in Belgium, the African safari offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a real safari where animals evolve in semi-freedom. By car or small train, you will find yourself in a world of freedom, surrounded by large spaces where herds of animals evolve a few meters from you, an unforgettable experience !

Plopsa Coo

Near the Coo Waterfalls, more than 25 adventurous attractions are waiting for you and your family and friends. The Mega Mindy Flyer will let you float among the clouds, while Vicky The Ride will make you experience the most adventurous trip of your life at a giddy speed.

Remouchamps Caves

Natural wonder carved over the centuries, the visit of the Remouchamps caves begins with a walk of over a kilometer through a magical setting. In this maze of galleries, you will discover stalagmites and stalactites and you will arrive in the first inhabited room 8000 years ago by Paleolithic hunters. 


Coo-Adventure is an outdoor activities center in the middle of a wonder nature of the Belgian Ardennes from the early nineties. They are specilized in many activities for all ages and all kind of expectations. Come and visit, there is at least one activity made especialy for you !

Rail Bike Park in the Hautes Fagnes

The Rail Bike Park is a leisure park that offers fun and dynamic activities for the family, friends or groups. It is located in the most beautiful natural park in Belgium, the Hautes Fagnes, on the German border.


300 animals and 30 species live in the plains and forest of more than 40 hectares in this area of Belgium. The Adventure Course offers you a walk in the trees, with obstacles and a zip line to discover the forest.

Mini golf in Spa

In the center of the city of spa, enjoy a mini-golf field with your family and friends. It is located in a peaceful area, behind the park of Sept Heures.

Darcis Chocolatier

Travel to the heart of chocolate while meandering through the corridors of a Maya temple, get on board the caravel of Cortés and cross the oceans to Europe: you will arrive in an 18th century bourgeois salon before immersing yourself in the ambience of the first chocolate shops at the start of the 20th century. The trail continues with a demonstration of how a chocolatier works, a description of the benefits of chocolate, and plenty of surprises…

Spa-Francorchamps circuit museum

Discover the history of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in a unique way thanks to its museum. Located in the Abbey of Stavelot, the exhibition allows you to discover the birth, the life, the functioning, and the achievements of the circuit. Visitors get to see prestigious vehicles, cars and motorcycles, as well as numerous exclusives documents and photos about the racetrack.

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